Legit Highest Paying Online Survey Sites – Beginner’s Guide

For the most part, online paid surveys have a bad rap but that does not necessarily mean that all online paid survey sites aren't legit. In today's post, I will dig a little deeper into which online paid survey websites are legitimate, top-paying, and worth your precious time after doing all the hard work for you and researching them.

How much can you realistically make by sharing your opinion via online or focus groups?

First and foremost, let's be real here. You won't constantly have an endless stream of paid survey opportunities, and the gig won't replace your full-time job. However, when an opportunity does arise, it will be worth your time so be sure to sign-up and subscribe now to be eligible for offers moving forward.

Online paid surveys – Top paying online surveys range from $1 – $50 per survey for your time. Paid surveys that have a higher dollar amount generally take a bit longer to complete. Completing smaller compensated paid surveys tend to be much shorter with a quick turnaround.

Focus groups – Due to the nature of focus groups being in-person or virtual, the compensation is much higher due to requiring live attendance and being a bit more serious than the average paid survey. Sharing your opinion of a product or service during a focus group could net you anywhere between $25 – $125 for your time.

How will I get paid?

Shipping a check or Paypal is the most common payment method of compensation across all survey sites.

Who are eligible to join online paid surveys and focus groups?

Everyone is eligible to join. Partaking in an online paid survey site is completely free. Rest assured, all the recommended paid survey sites listed here have been properly vetted and will pay good money for just sharing your opinion. Below, we will share some recommended tips and tricks on how you get more paid survey opportunities that are top dollar at much higher frequencies.

So without further ado, here are the top paying online survey sites to join in 2020.

Valued Opinions$$$Join
Pinecone Research$$$Join
Survey Junkie$$Join
Panda Research$$$Join
Shoppers Voice$$JoinRead
Survey Voices$$Join

Tips to the maximizing top dollar paid survey opportunities

  1. Join not one, but more than one top paying survey site so you can qualify for more money-making opportunities.
  2. Complete your profile with as much information as possible to qualify for more survey opportunities.
  3. Use an email that you regularly check because partaking in a survey may be time-sensitive.
  4. Do not rush through surveys and actually take the time to complete them. Advertisers know the difference and you will get much more credibility and opportunities later.
  5. If you get contacted for a focus group opportunity, seize the opportunity

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