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KashKick Review: Paid Surveys & Get-Paid-To Expectations

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Kashkick is one of the newer paid surveys and get-paid-to sites offered to the general public for doing activities they are already doing such as web surfing, watching videos, finding great deals, and partaking in paid survey opportunities. For avid paid survey users, you want to add this one to your list of paid survey panels you subscribe to for regular new paid survey opportunities.

Is KashKick legitimate or a scam?

KashKick is a legitimate survey panel that conducts user research for its studies and is not a scam. Although the company is on the newer side, the survey panel has a good history of paying out survey takers via Paypal.

How do you get paid?

What is unique about KashKick is that they don’t use any point system, rather the website just displays how much dollars you have earned, which makes knowing how much rewards you’ve accumulated easy on the eye.

In order to receive your cash compensation, you must hit the $10 threshold, which should be easy if you do a couple of surveys or paid offers. Once you have hit your $10 threshold, you can request payout via payment method, Paypal.

What is KashKick and how does it work?

KashKick is both a paid survey site and a get-paid-to (GPT) website that enables users of the website to partake in different activities to generate cash compensation. In many ways, you can compare KashKick with SwagBucks if you have heard about SwagBucks before.

What does this all mean? It means that there will be plenty of avenues and forms of opportunities in order to generate extra compensation for your time. We will go into detail for each of these activity opportunties now.

#1: Paid sign-up offers

Paid sign-up offers is one way to earn cash rewards with KashKick. You will be brought to a page that will display all the paid offers in which you will receive a cash reward in return for using their affiliate link to sign-up.

In many ways, this incentive helps both KashKick and you if you are truly interested in a product or service. In other words, by signing up with a paid offer, you are essentially killing two birds with one stone by signing up through KashKick for a service or product you would’ve otherwise be interested in so why not make money while you are at it?

My only advice is to read the terms of conditions in order to know how you qualify for the cash payout for each paid offer you are interested in. By carefully reading the fine print, you will not have any surprises and will be compensated for your time accordingly by KashKick.

#2: Paid surveys

KashKick has a great amount of paid survey opportunities so every user is bound to be matched. The only catch is that you must submit a preliminary survey in order to make sure the survey is matched for your user profile. Once matched, you are free to take the survey in return for cash compensation. Of course, before even attempting a survey, the cash reward will be displayed to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before even committing a second into the survey process.

Generally, the rule of thumb is that the lowest compensated surveys are much quicker to complete so don’t let the cash reward deceive you. You want to be strategic and look into the estimated time to complete the survey before committing to calculate the return on investment.

How much money can I make with KashKick?

The earning opportunities with KashKick is endless because the amount of time and effort you put into the paid offers and surveys will determine how much cash compensation you will make.

I’d recommend giving KashKick a whirl to determine how much you can make in return for your time for a more accurate determination if it is worthwhile because every user has different tailored offers.

Try out KashKick today and let us know how you like it. Membership is completely free and you have absolutely nothing to lose.

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