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Shopper’s Voice Review 2022: Exclusive Coupons for Your Time

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Shopper’s Voice is a unique survey site in that instead of cash compensation, they offer entries into sweepstakes up to $20,000, discount codes for popular retailers, to grocery coupons to save money for your everyday shopping needs.

In other words, Shopper’s Voice rewards are suited very much for the frugal shopper more so than the consumer looking to make some extra cash. However, don’t let that discourage you from trying out Shopper’s Voice. If you regularly grocery shop or purchase from popular retailers, your savings alone may outweigh the amount of cash compensation you would have otherwise received from other similar paid survey panels.

Is Shopper’s Voice legitimate?

Yes! The company has been in the market research industry for well over 30 years and is backed by Epsilon, which is one of the more popular ad agencies in the world. Upon signing up for Shopper’s Voice expect to receive samples, coupons, retail discounts, and entries to sweepstakes in return for your time.

How Shopper’s Voice survey works?

Upon signing up for Shopper’s Voice, you will be taken to complete a initial screening survey that takes about 15 minutes. I recommend completing the survey with as much information as possible so you get more frequent survey opportunities tailored to your needs.

Once completed, you will receive a membership email from Shopper’s Voice to officially become part of the survey panel and partake in future survey opportunities. Expect to receive product samples and freebies for products that are still undergoing a trial period before a product launch.

The information gathered from market research surveys like these help to shape and educate brands on products that are in demand before running the risk of pouring lots of funding into a failed product. In other words, your opinion matters and helps to shape future products, sometimes even before the product is open to the general public.

Who are Shopper’s Voice surveys perfect for?

The panel is much more suited for the frugal shopper who loves to go shopping, whether it be retail stores or grocery stores, there are exclusive savings to be had in return for your time to take surveys.

If you are looking for paid survey alternatives that compensate cash for your time, I recommend checking out our official list of the top-paying legit paid survey sites.

Nonetheless, if you would like to give the survey panel a shot, membership is completely free. Click here to sign-up to Shopper’s Voice. You have absolutely nothing to lose, except maybe your leisure time.

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