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DoorDash vs Airbnb Pay: What to Expect from First Earnings Paycheck

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What to Expect With Your First Payment: AirBnB vs DoorDash
The “gig economy” has given rise to several different types of lucrative side hustles for ordinary people to earn some extra money. People with their own vehicles ferry passengers, deliver groceries and packages, pick up and deliver restaurant to-go orders, or even rent out spare rooms or apartments as accommodation for visitors. Two such companies, DoorDash and AirBnB, allow individuals to earn money by delivering food and renting out properties, respectively. DoorDash vs Airbnb payments also work very similarly. If either of these services sounds appealing to you, then you might have questions about how you receive payment from these companies, as either a driver or a rental owner. Keep reading to learn more.


DoorDash drivers receive a base pay ranging from $2 to $10 per delivery, depending on the area and specifics of the order. Drivers also have the ability to earn more with promotions and working peak hours. Tips for an order belong to the driver and do not affect base pay. Drivers have the option of instant payment per order, payments for the day’s total delivered daily, or weekly payouts on Monday. DoorDash offers direct payment into a bank account or the DasherDirect prepaid debit card, in which earnings per delivery are loaded onto the card for immediate use. FastPay is another method in which Dashers link their own debit cards for payment deposits, although this incurs a $2 fee. The other options do not have transfer fees.


Those who choose to rent out rooms, guest houses, or entire properties to visitors on AirBnB are called hosts. Upon setting up an account and listing a property for rent on AirBnB, hosts must determine how they wish to be paid during this process. The company is fairly flexible in what payout methods it accepts, such as direct bank transfer, debit card deposit, PayPal, Payoneer, and Western Union. The money is typically transferred within 24 hours of the guest’s check-in time. Services such as PayPal, Payoneer, and debit card deposits are usually transferred within a day, with the other methods taking up to seven business days.


Both services, whether DoorDash vs Airbnb, subtract fees and other deductions from payments before depositing them in your account. However, although they collect social security information for the purpose of issuing 1099 forms, they do not withhold taxes. This is the responsibility of the Dasher or host. The driver or host is also responsible for any insurance that may be needed. This must be taken into account when figuring out payments, especially monthly payments, in terms of overall profits.


1. When initially setting up a payment service as a new driver or host, how long does the verification process take? Do either DoorDash vs Airbnb process payments faster than the other>

The verification process usually involves the company making two small deposits of under a dollar into the account of choice, at which point the account owner must log into the account they have with the company and verify the amounts. This process can take anywhere from two to seven days. This is the same for both companies.

2. If the company runs a promotion or coupon discount, in which they pay less for the service, does the driver or host earn less?

No, the employee for the company is paid the same as they would have been without the promotion.

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