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Why the Site Structure Is the Most Important Thing: Redesign

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Today, redesign is being talked about more than ever. The paradox we learned from our work is that not every customer adequately understands what it is. The site’s redesign is most often presented as an update of the visual design, which entails a certain list of technical works. Such a vision is fundamentally wrong, at least in the modern web age. The first thing to care about when redesigning the website is to buy a proxy server Pakistan for a secure and stable Internet connection. Moreover, it lets analyze all the required SEO points for effective site work.

What Is a Site Redesign?

Updating the look is only the tip of the iceberg. Undoubtedly, this is an important and most visible part of the works, but the main point of the redesign is something else. Professional redesign today means a set of works aimed at completely rethinking the site model and updating the concept of online brand positioning. This is a global event that some brands take years to prepare and implement.

In the modern web era, there can be only one adequate reason for redesign — it is the low site’s efficiency. You can always calculate how effective the project is. That is why any professional redesign is preceded by a large-scale audit, during which the technical aspects of the site are analyzed, and its selling abilities and user behavior are evaluated. This is always essential because a new site is created, considering the previous version’s strengths and weaknesses.

Before the redesign, the target audience’s behavior is analyzed in detail and the most optimal site structure is proposed, which will be attractive to search engines and live users. The redesign is connected with SEO analysis, setting up web analytics programs, in-depth research of competitors in local and foreign markets, and many other factors. Thus, redesign is a global list of works, and calling it simply a new template stretched over the old site is incorrect.

What Is the Site Structure, and Why Does It Need to Be Changed Sooner or Later?

The cornerstone of the entire redesign is the creation of a thoughtful structure. It is about a special hierarchy of pages and their logical connection, thanks to which the site becomes understandable not only for live users but also for web crawlers — search robots. The experience of interaction with various projects shows that when it comes to redesigning, a partial or complete restructuring is needed by the overwhelming percentage of sites, which is quite logical.

All web resources strive for expansion. This applies to both commercial and information sites. For sites, this is not just normal but an indication that they are moving in the right direction. As they develop, their structure grows with new sections, divisions, product groups, etc. Gradually, the hierarchy of pages loses its logic, due to which the site becomes inconvenient for users and unattractive for search engines.

Taking into account all of the above, it is only logical that the creation of a new structure should be at the heart of any professional redesign. These questions are taken up already at the earliest stages of work.

Why a Competent Structure Is the First Priority 

A well-thought-out page hierarchy is important for both SEO and user experience. These are two critical points for every commercial site (and any other, too). Simply put, well-structured sites get more traffic from search engines and more purchases due to ease of use and clear navigation.

Importance for SEO

From the point of view of SEO, the site’s logical structure solves several essential tasks.

  1. Firstly, the competent grouping of pages into sections enables search engines to more accurately determine their subject and the subject of the site as a whole. The correct distribution of semantics is a fundamentally important condition for search results. 
  2. Secondly, the logical structure directly affects the speed of indexing, which is especially critical for online stores, where pages of various nesting levels constantly appear. 

And finally, a well-structured site allows you to avoid technical errors that affect the ranking in search results, such as empty, duplicated, or missing pages.

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