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Car2go vs Uber vs Way2ride Driver Comparison: Which Driver App to Pick?

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Need to go somewhere? Choose Uber, Cars2Go or Way2Ride

Those who live in large metropolitan areas often have the advantage of being able to choose from a wide array of transportation options. In some cases, one need not even own their own car, with transportation possibilities offering solutions. For the traveler who finds himself in a city offering decent public transportation as well as services like Uber, Cars2Go, and Way2Ride, the convenience of on-demand vehicles, whether someone is driving a client in their own vehicle, as with Uber, or making use of a rent-by-minute option like Cars2Go, is unmatched. But should you use Way2ride vs Uber or Car2go vs Uber? Let us have a look at some of these options.

Getting Around Town

Not all of the following services are available in every major city. However, for those who can and do utilize them, a smartphone is needed, with the apps for these services installed and payment methods already in place.


This service is especially useful for travelers who might not have a driver’s license or are unsure of where they are going. Uber is a ride-share service that allows individuals, working as contract employees, to give rides in their personal vehicles. Passengers are matched with nearby drivers, and the ride is paid for with cash or through the app. For those who feel unsafe driving for any number of reasons, or who might not be familiar with the streets and traffic patterns of a particular location, Uber is a good option.


Cars2Go works much like rental bikes and scooters often found in large cities, in that a client can make use of an available car to drive to a particular destination, after which the car will be “up for grabs” by another user. Cars2Go is a novel service that gives the traveler the benefit of renting a car on an as-needed basis, removing the need to incur parking fees or pay for time in which the car is not in use. A client simply finds an available car parked on the street, uses a membership card or app to unlock it, and often comes with free parking, as parking in certain lots is covered by the company.


This service, which operates primarily in New York City, is less of a ride-sharing or rental app than it is a means of hailing a taxi from an existing fleet, and also paying for the ride through the app. Even though most taxi services do take cash and credit cards, and some even have their own apps, this app essentially turns the taxi system into one as convenient as Uber. In the app, the passenger can see where the taxi is, how far away it is, and can get a fare estimate before accepting the ride. How does Way2ride vs Uber compare? The benefit of using a service like this is that it allows passengers to avoid surge pricing during certain times of the day with Uber, while keeping the same convenient features when using a taxi service.


Finding efficient and cost-effective ways to get around town is as easy as opening up an app and tapping a few buttons. Whether a passenger prefers a private vehicle with a driver, the ability to rent a car for a short time, or a traditional taxi, there are apps available for every preference. Depending on where a person lives, the cost of gas, the cost of parking and vehicle maintenance, it could end up being cheaper to simply utilize these services rather than own a car.


How safe are these services?

With Uber, there is always some risk in getting in the car with a stranger, although the same is true of taxis. Both Uber and taxis conduct background checks on drivers to ensure safety. Renting a car is only as safe as your ability to drive.

Where are these services available?

Uber operates in nearly every major city in the world, adding new locations every day. Way2Ride is primarily in New York City, and Cars2Go operates in New York, Seattle, and Washington DC.

Did Cars2Go change its name?

It will soon be known by the name ShareNow.

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