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Veyo vs Uber vs Indriver Driver Comparison: Which Driver App to Pick?

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In Need of a Specialty Ride? Consider Uber, Veyo or inDriver

For many people, the first mode of transportation they think of when they need a ride from one place to another is a mode of transportation they are already familiar with. This is usually a bus or taxi, or more recently, Uber and Lyft. Many people are surprised to learn, however, that these services are not always the most affordable or suitable for all passengers, such as those who require special accommodations due to a disability. For passengers in need of medical transportation, should Uber be an option or more expensive dedicated medical transportation services? What if it is surge time during Uber’s hours and a passenger wants to find a cheaper option? Should you choose Veyo vs Uber or Indriver vs Uber? Keep reading to learn about some different ride-share options.

Beyond Ride Hailing

While passengers can schedule rides with the following services on websites, using the service’s dedicated mobile app on a smartphone is the best option.


When it comes to ride-sharing, Uber has paved the way for other companies to follow in its footsteps. Uber started out as a way to connect drivers and passengers, but it has since grown to offer more services, such as Uber Eats for food delivery, Uber Health for medical professionals to arrange transportation for their patients, and Uber Assist for seniors and people with disabilities who need special features in their vehicles.


Veyo is a specialized ride-share service that caters to those in need of non-emergency medical transport. Veyo also partners with health plans and managed care organizations to help ferry passengers to and from appointments. Passengers must sign up for the service and be verified before using it, however, and in some cases, must file with insurance to have the ride covered. Likewise, drivers are also independent contractors, but must also operate vehicles that are ambulatory compatible. Drivers must also be certified in CPR and First Aid and must agree to patient confidentiality agreements.


What if a passenger needs to hail a ride but needs one in the middle of Uber’s surge pricing, where fares can double? Many passengers would like the ability to shop around, or put forth what they would like to pay for a ride, and have a driver accept or decline it as they see fit. Enter inDriver. This app challenges major ride providers like Uber by offering a bargaining system for cheaper rides. To use this service, the rider enters the pickup and drop-off points along with what they want to pay, at which point a driver can accept, decline, or bargain. A driver is not penalized for rejecting a ride, as other services do, and passengers often find that rides are cheaper than Uber. However, there are no options for splitting a fare or selecting a specific type of ride, such as handicap accessibility.


Uber might be the king of the ride-share industry, with a variety of different types of rides and features, but it is also the most expensive. For those in need of cheaper or specialty rides, other providers might be a better option. For the passenger in need of a specialty ride or a cheaper one, it is best not to go with the first option available, but instead to research services that might better serve the passenger’s specific needs. Hopefully this article has helped make the decision between Veyo vs Uber or Indriver vs Uber for the passenger with specific requirements.


Are service animals allowed in ride-share vehicles?

Yes, all ride-share vehicles must allow service animals with their passengers.

Will Uber Assist and Veyo allow a caretaker to schedule a ride on behalf of someone else?

Yes, when scheduling a ride, both services allow messaging to the driver, in which the driver is informed that they will be picking up someone else.

Where in the USA does inDriver operate?

The service operates in Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.

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