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Didi vs Postmates vs Uber Driver Comparison: Which Driver App to Pick?

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Who should you drive for: DiDi, Postmates or Uber?

When looking to make some extra money driving part-time delivery or ride-share, the fortunate contract driver is one with access to many services in his area to choose from. Travelers have many options in cities where multiple ride-share services operate, some of them catering to specific needs. Of course, the giant Uber is likely operating in any city someone might visit, as their services extend worldwide, but there are other services to look into as well. Likewise, driving delivery is a viable option for part-time drivers as well. But how do you decide between Didi vs Uber or Postmates vs Uber? So which service should a new driver consider?

Need a Ride?

Before deciding upon a service to work for, look into reviews from other drivers, and download their smartphone applications to ensure functionality.


Other than public transportation or taxis, Uber remains one of the most popular ways of getting around town. The service makes use of contract drivers using their own vehicles to ferry passengers, matched to each other and payment handled within the mobile app. While Uber tends to be one of the more expensive options for transportation, it is also less time spent waiting on a bus or train, and it brings a traveler directly to the destination, making it popular for its convenience. Uber drivers must pass an extensive background and driving check and hold a valid driver’s license. Vehicles used for Uber passengers must be four-door and younger than 2003, while delivery services can be two-door vehicles, or bicycles. Uber drivers make between $12 and 18 an hour.


Postmates is the ultimate delivery service, handling not just food and grocery delivery but also packages and, in some areas, items from select retailers. Postmates drivers must be at least 18 years old, but if delivering alcohol, at least 21 years old. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and social security number. They must also present current vehicle insurance and pass a background check. Postmates drivers average around $15 an hour. In an effort to be more eco-friendly, in some locations, Postmates is sponsoring an e-bike and e-vehicle rental program for drivers. 


DiDi, also called DiDi Taxi in some parts of the world, is another ride-share service that operates in many countries, though not in North America as of yet. Like Uber, DiDi offers many varied ride-share services, ranging from pre-scheduled rides to luxury rides. DiDi also offers business solutions, rides to corporate events, food delivery, and financial services for those who use the application as a financial management service in addition to the ride payment option. 


Many people are feeling the economic pinch with rising gas prices and inflation, and earning some extra money in a side gig is increasing in popularity. Working a job on-demand allows a driver to work a flexible schedule, as much or as little as needed. Most of these types of services approve new drivers fairly quickly, within a week or two, and sometimes within a day. The sign up process is quite easy and simple, and new drivers can start earning almost instantly. If you cannot choose between Didi vs Uber or Postmates vs Uber, in many cases, you can drive for all of them.


Is a photo of the driver required to sign up for any of these services?

Yes, all three services require a photo of the driver and the car.

Does Uber Eats deliver alcohol?

Yes it does, and drivers must also be 21 in order to deliver it.

Does DiDi have plans to operate in North America?

No such plans have been announced as of yet.

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