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Is Email Verification Really Necessary for My Campaigns?

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Every digital marketer knows that email marketing is a popular tool for a reason. This is a must-have communication and collaborative tool because you send out newsletters, promotional campaigns, proposals, and other important business documents via email.

Speed is now a currency for many businesses. With email marketing, you get to deliver content and communicate at fast and convenient rates. Truly, emails have transformed businesses from basic to advance with how it has become fully integrated into our lives.

Email marketing has been around for many years and remains to be one of the most powerful tools to grow your business by enhancing communications with partners and customers, boost sales, and grow your business from scratch.

Without a solid email strategy, you won’t take flight. Knowing how emails play a very pivotal role in business and social relationships, it is crucial to have proper security in place with the use of email verification services.

What is Email Verification?

If you have been encountering bounced emails from abandoned or wrong email addresses of subscribers then email verification can help keep your connections up-to-date by making sure that you only have a solid pool of interested and engaged subscribers on your list.

The email verification process checks on whether you have current and active subscribers on your list.  Email addresses are constructed using names or significant keywords for a business. However, inaccuracy or omission in spelling can automatically render any email address invalid. Just imagine how a waste of time it would be if more than half of your list is actually invalid. This could mean a waste of precious time and money in email marketing efforts.

Features of Email Verification

The role of email verifiers or email verification services is to verify the validity of email addresses before they reach your inbox. Here is how the email verification process goes:

  • Detects any malicious email addresses on your list and block communications between you and the malicious email address. This prevents your business from getting jeopardized by hackers or any stealth personalities online.
  • Performs routine security checks on your email list and remove certain email addresses that fail to meet or satisfy security algorithms.  This ensures you get rid of SPAM in your emails.
  • Does complete security check on your inbox and sent folders plus all email addresses that you have had recent communications with.

Importance of Email Verification for Your Campaigns

A strong emphasis on email validation and verification has been targeted to protect businesses and boost profitability and growth. Email verification helps you avoid waste of time by putting your eye on the right basket all the time. Here are the key benefits of doing so:

  • Improves Sender Reputation. You can’t afford to have tons of email bounces or being continuously flagged as spam. Email verifications can ensure that you will have a clean email list that only has active and valid subscribers. Sender reputation is critical now for may email service providers or ESPs like Gmail or Yahoo Mail because it gauges your reputation by your open and click-through rates. It tracks how recipients interact with your emails and affect email deliverability.
  • Get Personalized. You should know what your customers want and personalize according to their needs. Email verification services provide you significant data on what content your subscribers want and what they consider as SPAM. From that information, you will be able to personalize your content to match their future needs and demands.
  • Generate Accurate and Quality Data. With an email verification service, you will surely get an authenticated email list with valid subscribers on it. With that in mind, you get to obtain only accurate and high-quality data from your email list. You also get to obtain precise and reliable insights on your email marketing campaign with real-time data.
  • Boost Engagement with Active Customers. Having your email list free of trash, you allow your business to thrive with accurate and real-time data from active customers or potential buyers. This will help you understand your customers and refine your offers to match their interests and needs.
  • Save on Unnecessary Costs. Why pay for extra promotional tools when you have an effective email marketing campaign in place? With a solid email verification system, you cut on unnecessary expenses and just focus on growing your business.
  • Effective Lead Generation Tool. You can generate great leads from people who have shown interest and subscribed to your email list. This will help you turn these leads into conversions.
  • Increase in Profit. Being consistent in reaching out to your subscribers with content that gives immense value and is a match to their needs would help keep them engaged. This can turn each one into a closed sale. This proves the incredible ROI or revenue you get from an engaged email list.
  • Help Build and Grow Your Audience. Cleaning your email list from time to time needs to be a regular business process. This will help you quickly and efficiently filter your subscribers and remove the inactive ones. Growing your audience is easy if you have trimmed down your email list to those who are genuinely interested and active in your campaigns.
  • Remove Spam Bots. With an email verification service, you are able to protect your business from fraudsters or SPAM bots. Email verification does not just select the active subscribers and remove the dormant ones but also intelligent enough to track and flag these malicious emails and eradicate them from your page before they are added to your email list.

An accurate and current email list can help boost your email marketing strategy. However, a lot of people forget about checking on the validity of email addresses or going over their list regularly to determine if every entry is current.

This is where you would need a professional email validation service to provide real-time and precise verification of your email list.  It is important to have an accurate email list because your email marketing campaign depends on this data. Cold email templates may help improve email conversions as well.

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