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Delivering with DoorDash Car vs Bike Pros and Cons

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Car or Bike? The DoorDash Driver Dilemma

DoorDash is one of the more lucrative side hustle gigs that independent drivers can pursue, offering “Dashers,” as they are called, opportunities to earn quick money delivering restaurant takeout orders to clients via the service’s application, matching clients with couriers. Food delivery is a very easy and convenient way to earn some extra money, and more importantly, it offers the opportunity to do so without the need to own a car. It was not always the case that DoorDash allowed for deliveries on bike, scooter, or on foot, but now, so long as Dashers can complete delivery in a 30 minute time frame, these options are now allowed. However, it is important to remember that all methods of transportation used when making deliveries will have their benefits as well as problems. Let us examine the pros and cons of DoorDash car vs bike delivery.


This is the preferred method for delivering orders as far as safety, security of the driver and the delivery, and speed of delivery go.


  • Safest and fastest way to deliver
  • Not impacted by bad weather
  • Average around $18-$20 using a car
  • Easier for those not in peak physical shape


  • Problems finding a parking space nearby
  • Costs of vehicle maintenance and gas can cut into profits


Drivers should be aware that local laws might not let food be delivered on foot or by bike, and it’s important to know the laws.


  • Less problems with parking
  • Not typically held up by vehicle traffic
  • No added costs of auto insurance, vehicle maintenance or gas
  • Average around $17 an hour using a bike


  • Might not be allowed in your area
  • Not always safe in areas without designated bicycle lanes
  • Weather might hamper delivery
  • Must be in relatively good shape to pedal for hours, which is strenuous


The choice to use a bike or a car when delivering for DoorDash is mostly a personal one. DoorDash car vs bike delivery largely depends on a driver’s personal situation and fitness level. If you are in good shape, used to riding a bike regularly, and have a carrier attachment that can easily contain a food delivery bag without impacting the operation of the bicycle, then this might be a good method of transportation for those just getting started, who might not own a car, and who can make deliveries to clients from restaurants in a reasonably close area. On the other hand, a car keeps the driver from having to stop delivery during rain, is less strenuous, and is faster depending on traffic. A car also allows a driver to accept bigger orders that might not fit on a bike.


1. Is there a difference in time spent delivering orders on a bike versus a car?

One Dasher interviewed on this question stated that it took on average around 40 minutes to complete a single DoorDash order on a bike, versus around 30 minutes in a car. For those who only plan to work a few hours, a car optimizes the time spent completing one delivery so as to quickly accept another.

2. Are age requirements different for DoorDash drivers of bikes versus cars? Can those under 18 deliver on foot or using bikes?

No, all Dashers should be at least 18 years old, no matter what method they use to deliver.

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