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Slice vs DoorDash Driver Comparison: Which Driver App to Pick?

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Slice vs DoorDash Driver Comparison: Which Driver App to Pick?
Around 2011, when the demand for food delivery was finally met with mobile applications that provided contract drivers to deliver them, the industry of food delivery applications exploded. Some of the early ones, such as DoorDash and GrubHub, still hold the lion’s share of the market in this industry, but smaller start-ups in niche food delivery applications are showing up every day. DoorDash is one of the more recognizable names in food and grocery delivery, but newcomer Slice is starting to gain attention as well for its niche-market pizza delivery services. If you are a driver looking to get into the food delivery industry, here are some things to know about both Slice vs DoorDash as a driver working for the companies.


DoorDash specializes in the delivery of restaurant takeout orders and grocery deliveries. It operates primarily in North America and Australia, and can be found in all 50 states and in most metropolitan areas. It rose to popularity during the COV19 pandemic lockdown, when many people discovered the convenience of having their food delivered while in quarantine. DoorDash provides a fairly steady income on a daily basis for drivers, though there are some areas of peak times and down times. Drivers also have the option of referring new drivers for bonuses.


Slice is a food ordering online platform geared towards independent pizzerias in smaller cities that might not offer delivery the same way larger pizza retailers such as Pizza Hut do. Where larger pizza chains such as Domino’s employ in-house delivery drivers, smaller business pizzerias and family-owned businesses may not have the luxury of employing delivery drivers for their products. Customers can order through the Slice application, which is then sent to the restaurant, and then delivered to the client. The downside to this is that pizza-specific companies such as this one, even in areas where pizza is popular, will likely not see the level of demand that regular grocery and restaurant orders will. Drivers deciding between Slice vs DoorDash should know that business will not be as readily available with Slice as with DoorDash


As we can see here, while services such as Slice are highly useful for niche specific food orders, overall, regular grocery and restaurant delivery will likely be better for drivers through companies such as DoorDash, and that the demand for these particular services will not be dependent on a specific market. Furthermore, DoorDash is more readily available in several areas, while Slice is not. While neither service prevents drivers working for the other simultaneously, Slice at present sees less business than DoorDash, and drivers have fewer earning opportunities between Slice vs DoorDash.


1. What was the motivation behind the creation of Slice?

Slice fills a previously unfilled market for delivering pizza between clients and restaurants for smaller businesses that do not always offer in-house delivery. It also connects customers with smaller pizza businesses with online ordering for restaurants that might not provide in-house online ordering.

2. What motivates an independent pizzeria to list on Slice instead of DoorDash?

Primarily, the decision to list with a particular food delivery service has to do with the portion of the order that the service keeps for itself, which might cut into the restaurant‘s profits. DoorDash is a popular service, but it keeps a certain amount of each order, which may be too much for small restaurants to pay.

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