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How Much Money Does Markiplier Make A Year?

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Who is Markiplier?

Markiplier is Mark Edward Fischbach, a famous YouTube personality. Markiplier is famous for making videos of himself playing survival horror video games. This type of YouTube video is referred to a Letā€™s Play video. Markiplier currently has 19 million subscribers and over 8 billion total views. He is from Ohio and now lives in LA, where he shoots his videos from.

How Markiplier Earns Money

This is pretty simple, Mariplier earns money primarily by creating YouTube content that lots of people want to watch. He videos himself playing popular indie and horror based video games. During gameplay he is very animated, swearing, yelling, screaming and even crying at times for dramatic effect. In addition to this he makes vlogs about a variety of topics, this brings depth to his YouTube persona. He also attends gaming conferences and the like to meet and greet fans and sit on panels for different events. Mark has also collaborated with other Letā€™s Play YouTubers and some celebrities including Jack Black.

Recent Developments

Sometimes Marilplier will live stream gameplay as a fundraising charity event. He has done this for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, Cincinnati Childrenā€™s Hospital Medical Center and Best Friends Animal Society. He has raised over $1.1 million dollars for different charities doing this.

More recently he has been putting out a lot of sketch comedy videos that he does with his friends that are extremely popular and get a many, if not more in some cases, views as his game-play videos. He also has employed animators to created animated shorts of himself and others interacting and playing games. He does a great job coming up with funny storylines his gamers can enjoy. He dropped out of bioengineering school to become a full-time Letā€™s Play YouTuber.

Approximate Annual Pay & Net Worth

Being a popular video destination Markiplier earns approximately $7.50 per 1000 views. He has an average of 130 million non-unique views a month. If we add that all up it comes to $975,000 per month, multiply that by 12 and that comes to about $11.7 million a year. This is just YouTube views alone. The views does not include sponsorship or any other ventures. He is said to have a solid net worth of $10 million dollars.

Fun Fact

Markā€™s first kiss happened during his sophomore year during the homecoming dance. He went to the dance alone, ended up stealing his friend Garrettā€™s date and experienced his first kiss that night, instead of Garrett. Mark and Garrett are no longer friends.

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  1. I love Markiplier. Lucky to know how much money he makes. My only and first dream is to meet him! He has been my Idol for so long, I wish to be in one of his videos and such. He makes me laugh, cry, smile, frown. He is amazing!

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