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How Much Money Does MrBeast Make? MrBeast's Net Worth

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MrBeast, also known as “Jimmy Donaldson,” is YouTube’s biggest viral philanthropist. Mr. Beast began YouTube at the young age of 13, under the handle, “MrBeast6000.” How he became popular and viral on YouTube is one of the books.

How did MrBeast become popular on YouTube?

Many of MrBeast’s earlier videos pre-2017 averaged only a few thousand views until he decided to change up his content strategy and started donating money to strangers. He is known as one of YouTube’s most generous influencers due to the sheer amount of money he has donated to charities, the homeless, random streamers, and his mom.

The really cool aspect of Mr. Beast’s life story is that only when he started being more generous did he attract more viewers, which in turn attracted more sponsorship deals. Sounds like MrBeast got a win-win situation and can enjoy the best of both worlds of earning revenue with the joys of philanthropy.

What does MrBeast do?

Besides being YouTube’s biggest philanthropist, he is also known for publishing content featuring “attention-grabbing stunts” for the purposes of going viral. In other words, shenanigans for the purposes of creating the most buzz. From his content alone, he has since received sponsorship brand deals from companies like Quid and Honey. The majority of MrBeast’s income comes from revenue generated from Google’s Adsense program that displays ads on his YouTube videos on a per 1000th view basis. For example,  for every 1,000 views he gets on his video, he may get $5.

How much money has MrBeast donated away?

MrBeast has given away over $1 million and has no signs of slowing down over the span of 2 years. How he is able to continue to give is a blessing in itself. 

MrBeast’s net worth: $6 million

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