How Much Money Does David Dobrik Make a Year from YouTube

Who is David Dobrik and what is he known for?

David J. Dobrik, a 23-year-old media sensation. Unknown before 2013, Dobrik moved to the U.S. from Slovakia with his family when he was only 6 years old. He has two sisters and one brother. Now with millions of fans from his internet, film and TV appearances, Dobrik is one of the wealthiest of a new breed of “social media entrepreneurs.”

How David J. Dobrik makes money

Closing in on nearly 5 billion YouTube views, Dobrik lays claim to one of the largest audiences on the popular internet platform. He adds on about 10 thousand fresh subscribers every day to his total of more than 12 million current subscribers on YouTube. His channel chalks up in excess of six million video views each day, which translates into a massive advertising revenue for Dobrik. The bulk of Dobrik’s wealth has come from ad revenue on YouTube and continues to grow as of 2019.

A few other revenue streams that add to David Dobrik’s net worth include product placements, direct sponsorship deals and the sale of branded merchandise.

How David Dobrik got popular?

Dobrik started out on Vine in 2013 and had a fledgling YouTube group called Second Class. Soon after his time at Vine, he branded a YouTube channel named after himself and began to amass huge numbers of subscribers. Most of the posted videos are either real-life stories, scripted humor pieces or family-based pieces. His keen dedication for building up subscription numbers and constantly filling his vlog with fresh, humorous and interesting content has kept him popular for more than six years.

David Dobrik’s net worth and annual income

Dobrik earns approximately $8 million annually just off his YouTube ad revenue. The actor, social media star and popular vlogger has an approximate net worth of between $10 and $15 million according to 2019 financial sources. David Dobrik’s net worth

Fun fact

Dobrik has lived in the U.S. since he was a small child and is able to speak 3 languages fluently: Slovak, English and Hungarian. Currently, Dobrik and his wife of just one month, Lorraine Nash, divorced in June of 2019

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