How Much Money Does Shroud Make – Shroud’s Net Worth

Shroud (Michael Grzesiek) is most known for his playing days as a Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) pro player, Twitch streamer, and YouTube celebrity.

If there is anything to draw inspiration from Shroud’s achievements is that it is definitely possible to make a living out of gaming, which is a major achievement. Not too many individuals on the web are able to achieve financial independence just through sheer online gaming, competitive eSports and streaming.

How Shroud rose to popularity on YouTube and Twitch

Shroud has been around since the the formation of the team Cloud9 for CS:GO. Since the inception of the team and the growth of eSports, he gained popularity through competitive CS:GO tournaments like ESL Pro League that had national appeal to fans all over the world. With the tournaments gaining massive buzz and recognition worldwide, Shroud was able to leverage the tournaments as a platform to gain a huge following on his YouTube and Twitch channels. Although Shroud has now retired from participating in eSports due to him preferring not to travel and to be a homebody, he made the best out of his situation and it is now paying dividends.

Today, Shroud has amassed over 6.8 million subscribers on Twitch and over 5.3 million subscribers on YouTube. The fact that he streams and broadcasts videos on a daily basis should explain that he is racking up the dough everyday. The question now is just how much does Shroud make a year in 2019?

Shroud’s net worth: $4 million

Shroud has a huge following with a combined following of 6.8 million subscribers on Twitch and over 5.3 million subscribers on YouTube. Displayed advertisements alone from each platform generates a sizable amount of change for Shroud. Moreover, Shroud has diversified his income streams by even investing in selling his own merchandise under his personal brand. Below are some revenue streams that Shroud makes money from:

  1. Brand endorsements and sponsorships
  2. YouTube advertisement revenue from views
  3. Selling his own merchandise for his brand
  4. Twitch partners and affiliates earnings
  5. Fan donations

Shroud makes approximately $125,000+ a month, which nets $1.5 million a year. In other words, Shroud is set for life given he doesn’t spend too lavishly. Regardless, he has built his brand from the ground up, which is admirable.

What is Shroud doing today

Shroud is currently semi-retired, spending most of his time streaming full-time on Twitch or uploading videos to YouTube. He is also a backup player for the professional e-sports team, Cloud9, on occasion.

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